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On 3-4 December 2008, France hosted a meeting of the European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) and the second meeting on the draft ministerial declaration for the Fifth Ministerial Conference “Environment and Health”. The European ECO Forum was represented by Sascha Gabizon (WECF, Coordinator of the Environment and Health Issue Group at European ECO Forum) and Iulia Trombitcaia (Eco-Accord, Head of European ECO Forum Communication Unit).

The 6th Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe” (EfE) took place in Belgrade , Serbia , on 10-12 October 2007 under the slogan “Building Bridges to the Future”. The Conference was attended by Ministers and Heads of Delegations from 51 countries of the UNECE region, as well as by international organizations, non-governmental organizations under the auspices of the European ECO Forum, and media.

On 22-24 October 2008, the second high-level preparatory meeting towards the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health and the executive session of the European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) took place in Madrid, Spain.

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NGO Strategy conference: "Making our environment work for children's health" (Brussels, December 2003), organised by the European Health Alliance and European ECO Forum - web page

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The Communication Unit produced monthly Newsletters (also known as “digests”) in English and Russian languages. This service has been interrupted due to changes in personnel.

During ECO Forum events, EfE and E&H Ministerial Conferences and other important meetings of the Pan-European agenda, the Communication Unit organised press conferences, prepared reports and produced publications.

Long awaited and heavily negotiated plan for reform of the “Environment for Europe” (EfE) process has finally been adopted the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at its session on 31 March - 1 April 2009. According to the European ECO Forum, the EfE Reform Plan is weaker than we hoped for but it is still a good basis to continue the whole process building on existing experiences and with an involvement of civil society organisations. Read the reform plan in English or Russian...  Read the report from the special session in our Newsletter...

At the 6th Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe” ( Belgrade , 10-12 October 2007), the Ministers decided to reform the EfE process. In Belgrade, the European ECO Forum established an Issue Group on the Future of the EfE Process to facilitate the participation of NGOs in the reform process. The coordinator of this group is Anna Golubovska-Onisimova (MAMA-86, Ukraine). The Issue Group runs its own list serve to discuss and agree upon the European ECO Forum's position in the reform process.

On 11-13 June 2008, Riga hosted the Third Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention. ECO-Forum's prelimanary position was reflected in the ViennaDeclaration which was adopted at the International ECOs Strategy meeting "Reinforcing the Aarhus Convention" (Vienna, 17 - 18 December 2007). This Declaration is supported by 197 organisations from 43 countries. More information about ECO-Forum Preparatory activities and Strategy Meeting is available at PPC website.

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