Your Right to Know about Sources of Pollution

PRTRsThis booklet aims to give an introduction to PRTRs and the PRTR Protocol. It is not an exhaustive description of the Protocol, but tries to set some of its major components in context. Neither is it a definitive or authoritative guide to interpretation of the Protocol. We use examples from existing systems to demonstrate what is possible in a PRTR and list further sources of information for those who would like more detail. This is merely an introduction to the subject but one which we hope gives some grasp of the concepts of PRTRs and uses of the data. It is probably fair to say that all PRTR systems evolve with time as experience grows and some of the ideas in this booklet that go beyond the Protocol are quite ambitious in the first instance2. But primarily we hope this booklet will be useful to NGOs and others who are involved in advocating the establishment and use of PRTRs. Insist on your right to know!

For the booklet in Russian, please follow the link.

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